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Durand, A ; Hughes, R ; Roussel, A ; Flatman, R ; Henrissat, B ; Juge, N

Emergence of a subfamily of xylanase inhibitors within glycoside hydrolase family 18

Febs Journal 272 (7) 1745-1755

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Abstract :

The xylanase inhibitor protein I (XIP-I), recently identified in wheat, inhibits xylanases belonging to glycoside hydrolase families 10 (GH10) and 11 (GH11). Sequence and structural similarities indicate that XIP-I is related to chitinases of family GH18, despite its lack of enzymatic activity. Here we report the identification and biochemical characterization of a XIP-type inhibitor from rice. Despite its initial classification as a chitinase, the rice inhibitor does not exhibit chitinolytic activity but shows specificities towards fungal GH11 xylanases similar to that of its wheat counterpart.