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Magnol, L ; Chevallier, MC ; Nalesso, V ; Retif, S ; Fuchs, H ; Klempt, M ; Pereira, P ; Riottot, M ; Andrzejewski, S ; Doan, BT ; Panthier, JJ ; Puech, A ; Beloeil, JC ; de Angelis, MH ; Herault, Y

KIT is required for hepatic function during mouse post-natal development

Bmc Developmental Biology 7 Art No. 81

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Abstract :

Background : The Kit gene encodes a receptor tyrosine kinase involved in various biological processes including melanogenesis, hematopoiesis and gametogenesis in mice and human. A large number of Kit mutants has been described so far showing the pleiotropic phenotypes associated with partial loss-of-function of the gene. Hypomorphic mutations can induce a light coat color phenotype while complete lack of KIT function interferes with embryogenesis. Interestingly several intermediate hypomorphic mutations induced in addition growth retardation and post-natal mortality.