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Nishida, M ; Cadene, M ; Chait, BT ; MacKinnon, R

Crystal structure of a Kir3.1-prokaryotic Kir channel chimera

Embo Journal 26 4005-4015

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Abstract :

The Kir3.1 K+ channel participates in heart rate control and neuronal excitability through G-protein and lipid signaling pathways. Expression in Escherichia coli has been achieved by replacing three fourths of the transmembrane pore with the pore of a prokaryotic Kir channel, leaving the cytoplasmic pore and membrane interfacial regions of Kir3.1 origin. Two structures were determined at 2.2A. The selectivity filter is identical to the Streptomyces lividans K+ channel within error of measurement (r.m.s.d.