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Nazarova, A ; Ignatova, A ; Feofanov, A ; Karmakova, T ; Pljutinskaya, A ; Mass, O ; Grin, M ; Yakubovskaya, R ; Mironov, A ; Maurizot, JC

13,15-N-cycloimide derivatives of chlorin p6 with isonicotinyl substituent are photosensitizers targeted to lysosomes

Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 6 1184-1196

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Abstract :

Four monocationic cycloimide derivatives of chlorin p(6) (CICD) were studied as photosensitizers and compared to a structurally similar neutral derivative. Cationic CICD are highly photostable (quantum yield of photobleaching is about 1 x 10(-5), generate singlet oxygen under irradiation (quantum yields are 0.3-0.45), can be involved in a photo-induced substrate-dependent generation of superoxide radicals, but do not produce OH center dot. 17,18-delta-lacton 13(2)-(N-methylisonicotinylamido)-13,15-cycloimide mesochlorin p(6) (2) and 13(2)-(N-methylisonicotinylamido)-13,15-cycloimide mesochlorin p(6) methyl ester (3) possess high cancer cell killing photodynamic activity, but they provide no photoinduced bactericidal effect.