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Mockey, M ; Bourseau, E ; Chandrashekhar, V ; Chaudhuri, A ; Lafosse, S ; Le Cam, E ; Quesniaux, VFJ ; Ryffel, B ; Pichon, C ; Midoux, P

mRNA-based cancer vaccine : prevention of B16 melanoma progression and metastasis by systemic injection of MART1 mRNA histidylated lipopolyplexes

Cancer Gene Therapy 14 (9) 802-814

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Abstract :

Immunization with mRNA encoding tumor antigen is an emerging vaccine strategy for cancer. In this paper, we demonstrate that mice receiving systemic injections of MART1 mRNA histidylated lipopolyplexes were specifically and significantly protected against B16F10 melanoma tumor progression. The originality of this work concerns the use of a new tumor antigen mRNA formulation as vaccine, which allows an efficient protection against the growth of a highly aggressive tumor model after its delivery by intravenous route.