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Kaddur, K ; Palanchon, P ; Tranquart, F ; Pichon, C ; Bouakaz, A

Sonopermeabilization : therapeutic alternative with ultrasound and microbubbles

Journal de Radiologie 88 (11) Part 2 1777-1786

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Abstract :

Future applications of ultrasound and microbubbles extend to more than imaging applications. Over the last few years, it was reported that sonographic contrast agent effects under ultrasound, modulate transiently cell membrane permeability. This process, named sonoporation and classified as a new physical method to transfer genes or drugs, consists of using a physical energy source to modulate membrane integrity. The possibility to transfer therapeutic genes would be a new tool for gene therapy and could constitute an alternative method. After in vitro and in vivo studies presentation, the therapeutic potential of sonoporation will be investigated in this paper.