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Luciani, A ; Parouchev, A ; Smirnov, P ; Braga, G ; Wilhelm, C ; Gazeau, F ; Boudechiche, L ; L’Hermine-Coulomb, A ; Dagher, I ; Franco, D ; Rahmouni, A ; Hadchouel, M ; Weber, A ; Clement, O

In vivo imaging of transplanted hepatocytes with a 1.5-T clinical MRI system-initial experience in mice

European Radiology 18 59-69

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Abstract :

The feasibility of in vitro mature mouse hepatocyte labeling with a novel iron oxide particle was assessed and the ability of 1.5-T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to track labeled mouse hepatocytes in syngenic recipient livers following intraportal cell transplantation was tested. Mouse hepatocytes were incubated with anionic iron oxide nanoparticles at various iron concentrations.