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Brillault-Salvat, C ; Giacomini, E ; Jouvensal, L ; Wary, C ; Bloch, G ; Carlier, PG

Simultaneous determination of muscle perfusion and oxygenation by interleaved NMR plethysmography and deoxymyoglobin spectroscopy

NMR in Biomedicine 10 (7) 315-323

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Abstract :

A novel approach is presented that combines NR IR-plethysmography and NMRS of deoxymyoglobin in real-time, using line-by-line interleaved acquisitions of both gradient echo images during venous occlusion and of the N-delta proton signal of myoglobin’s proximal F8 histidine, This method allowed simultaneous measurement of peripheral regional perfusion and skeletal muscle oxygen content. During reactive hyperaemia, using our combined NMRI-NMRS protocol, we explored the relationship between muscle reoxygenation (myoglobin resaturation half-time, y in s) and reperfusion (x in ml/100 g tissue/min) and found it to be highly significant (y = 70.83x (-0.94) ; r(2) = 0.70 ; F = 64.40 ; p = 9.73 x 10(-9)).