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Grillon C, Matejuk A, Nadim M, Lamerant-Fayel N, Kieda C.

News on microenvironmental physioxia to revisit skin cell targeting approaches

Exp Dermatol. 21 (10) 723-728

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Abstract :

The skin is a multifunctional organ and a first line of defense actively protecting from environmental stress caused by injury, microbial treat, UV irradiation and environmental toxins. Diverse cutaneous cell types together with extracellular matrix elements and factors create a dynamic scene for cellular communication crucial in vital processes such as wound healing, inflammation, angiogenesis, immune response. Direct functional success of skin equilibrium depends on its microenvironment settings and particularly the local oxygen tension. Indeed, skin entire milieu is characterized by and highly dependent on its low oxygen tension called physioxia as emphasized in this review. In the context of skin physioxia, we review and propose here new approaches to minimize age-related changes in skin state and function. We particularly emphasize carbohydrate-mediated interactions and new 3D models of engineered skin substitutes. We highlight newly emerged tools and targets including stem cells, miRNAs, matrix metalloproteinases, mitochondria and natural antioxidants that are promising in prevention of skin ageing and disease restraint. In the era of advanced dermatology, new attempts are bringing us closer to ’well being’ perception.