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Chuquet J, Benchenane K, Liot G, Fernández-Monreal M, Toutain J, Blanchet S, Eveno E, Auffray C, Piétu G, Buisson A, Touzani O, MacKenzie ET, Vivien D.

Matching gene expression with hypometabolism after cerebral ischemia in the nonhuman primate

J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. (2002) 22 (10) 1165-1169 - doi: 10.1097/00004647-200210000-00002

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To correlate brain metabolic status with the molecular events during cerebral ischemia, a cDNA array was performed after positron emission tomography scanning in a model of focal cerebral ischemia in baboons. Cluster analysis for the expression of 74 genes allowed the identification of 4 groups of genes. In each of the distinct groups, the authors observed a marked inflection in the pattern of gene expression when the CMRo was reduced by 48% to 66%. These patterns of coordinated modifications in gene expression could define molecular checkpoints for the development of an ischemic infarct and a molecular definition of the penumbra.