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CBM scientists have developed the first tool for predicting Rho-dependent termination, an essential regulatory mechanism in bacteria.

by Frapart - published on

This tool, based on the multivariate statistical modeling of a large set of experimental data generated for the occasion, allows the prediction of potential sites of Rho-dependent transcription termination at the genome scale. Rho-dependent termination is a mechanism specific to bacteria that plays a major role in gene regulation and maintenance of genomic integrity. This mechanism is notably important for the rapid response of bacteria to environmental changes or stresses. Although the Rho-dependent termination sites are very diverse and without a real consensus sequence, CBM researchers have identified dozens of quantitative sequence descriptors (e.g. %C and %G) that, taken collectively, provide good prediction of the sensitivity to Rho action (success rate 85%). This new approach should facilitate the study of how Rho contributes to the regulation, protection, and plasticity of bacterial genomes and could be extended to other types of cryptic signals.

This work has been published in Nucleic Acids Research.