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Malikidogo K. P., Da Silva I., Morfin J. F., Lacerda S., Barantin L., Sauvage T., Sobilo J., Lerondel S., Toth E. and Bonnet C. S.

A cocktail of (165)Er(iii) and Gd(iii) complexes for quantitative detection of zinc using SPECT and MRI.

Chemical communications (2018) 54 (55) 7597-7600.

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Abstract :

We propose quantitative assessment of zinc by combining nuclear and MR imaging. We use a cocktail of a Gd3+-complex providing a Zn2+-dependent MRI response and its 165Er3+ analogue allowing for concentration assessment. 165Er is readily obtained in a cyclotron and purified, which is indispensable for successful quantification of metal ions.

Voir en ligne : doi : 10.1039/C8CC03407A