Séminaire du Professeur Vincent L. Pecoraro – Département de chimie de l’université du Michigan – Vendredi 8 juin 2012 à 11 h 00

sur invitation de Stéphane petoudl le Professeur Vincent L. Pecoraro présentera un séminaire intitulé « Supramolecular Assembly of Metallacrowns: A Journey
Toward Synthetically Controlled Molecular Magnets »

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Résumé :

Metallacrowns are the inorganic analogues of crown ethers, forming ring structures using an (M-N-O)x topology that is reminiscent of the (C-C-O)x linkages in organic recognition
agents. This presentation will discuss how a variety of structural topology can be prepared that allow numerous transition metals or lanthanides to be brought within close proximity in order to optimize metal ion interactions. Specifically, examples will be
presented to illustrate a rationale design approach to prepare and then systematically vary structures that exhibit slow magnetic relaxation, a requisite for molecular magnets. We also will discuss the preparation and characterization of NIR luminescent complexes.

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