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Center for Molecular Biophysics, CNRS - Orleans

The Center for Molecular Biophysics (CBM) develops research at the interface of chemistry, biology and physics to study the molecular mechanisms that sustain life or dysfunctions leading to diseases.

The CNRS Institute of Chemistry reports on its website the work of CBM researchers

The CNRS Institute of Chemistry reports on its website a publication by CBM researchers published in the journal Nucleic Acids Research. The researchers used "AlphaFold 2", an artificial intelligence tool, to predict and describe the structure of PARP proteins in order to better understand their functionalities. PARP proteins are potential targets for new cancer treatments.

Structural insights into the SUMOylation reaction

The new study focussed on the process known as SUMOylation, an essential biological regulatory mechanism, inaugurates the "SUMOwriteNread" project funded by the European Research Council, which aims to crack secrets of SUMOylation.

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