P@CYFIC (cellular imaging and flow cytometry)

Cellular analyses and services based on flow cytometry, FACS, fluorescence videomicroscopy and confocal microscopy

The team is at your disposal to assist you in the development of your protocols (choice of your fluorescent markers, conditions and preparation of a sort of cells ...):

David GOSSET - Technical manager - +33 or 55.99
PICHON Chantal - Scientific manager
GRILLON Catherine - Scientific manager

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These facilities allow in vitro studies on a whole sample, performing a qualitative and quantitative study of a population within the sample and visualizing at the cellular level the interactions involved in various mechanisms. This platform gathers 3 main services at the forefront of technology:

Flow cytometry

Flow cytometry allows the qualitative and quantitative analysis of cells, bacteria, organelles or particles under non-toxic high throughput conditions. This technique allows the phenotyping of cells within a heterogeneous population by immunofluorescence. Various parameters such as size, granulosity and any components or functions that can be revealed by a fluorescent probe can be analyzed. Flow cytometry also allows cell sorting according to cell physical or biological characteristics observed during the analysis.

The fluoresence microscopy video

This tool allows to visualize different dynamic cellular phenomena (internalization, transmigration, rolling, adhesion, angiogenesis ...) and to carry out cell-cell or cell-particle interaction measurements under flow conditions close to the blood circulation.

Cofoncal microscopy

Confocal microscopy allows to optimize the resolution of the images in fluorescence microscopy and to observe the intracellular elements in three dimensions. It realizes virtual optical slices in the observed object and records the optical signals emitted in each plane.