Other instruments

CBM teams host many other scientific instruments (inquire for conditions of access).


  • Automated peptide synthesizer
  • Analytical GC-MS system
  • Analytical and semi-preparative HPLC systems
  • Transient kinetics ‘Chemical Quench Flow’ instrument
  • Potentiometer with automatic capabilities
  • Microwave heating system
  • Lyophilizers

Biochemistry & Molecular biology

  • FPLC systems for protein purification
  • Liquid handling robot
  • PhosphorImager (P32, fluorescence)
  • Gel imager with CCD camera
  • Chemiluminescence imager
  • Quantitative PCR instruments
  • Droplet digital PCR system
  • High-volume shaking Incubators, including refrigerated systems
  • Preparative ultracentrifuge
  • UV Irradiation oven
  • Vacuum chamber with VUV lamp
  • P32 handling room
  • Scintillation counter

Biophysics & structural biology

  • X-ray generator
  • Glovebox chamber with dedicated stereomicroscope and Dewar for cristallogenesis Nanovolume cristallisation robot
  • Diffusion light scattering instruments for particle size and zeta potential measurements
  • Linux PC clusters for numerical simulation

Cellular biology

  • L1 and L2 culture rooms (for higher eukaryotes cells and microbiology)
  • Stereotaxia instrument
  • Hypoxia chamber
  • Microscope/micromanipulation system for dissection of yeast tetrads

Imaging & Optical microscopy

  • Relaxometers Stelar ‘Fast Field Cycling’ (0-80 MHz) and Bruker Minispec 60 MHz
  • Laser scanning microspectrofluorimeter for confocal imaging
  • Macroscope/microscope for NIR detection in cells and small animals
  • Spectrofluorimeter with NIR detection, integrating sphere, high-resolution monochromator, Xe lamp, lasers and high-frequency oscilloscope
  • Microvolume NANODROP UV-vis and fluorescence instruments


  • Dark room
  • Ultrasound scanner/imager