2024 edition of “The Future of Molecular MR” international conference

16 June 2024 par Isabelle Frapart
From June 17 to 20, 2024 in Orléans, the CBM "Metal Complexes and MRI" team is organizing the 2024 edition of the international conference "The Future of Molecular MR"

The "Metal complexes and MRI" group of CBM is organizing the 2024 edition of "The Future of Molecular MR" meeting in Orléans which will gather 120 participants from over the world.

The objectives of this international conference are to establish current state of the art in molecular MR and pinpoint knowledge gaps, to identify adjacent technologies that can be combined with molecular MRI to create more accurate, ensitive, rapid and quantitative methods, and to bring leaders from different fields to challenge orthodoxy and identify new opportunities in molecular MR.

The meeting will take place in Hotel Dupanloup, Orléans, 17-20 June 2024.

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