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Unveiling billion-year old life forms with X-ray vision

Synchrotron-based studies reveal unprecedented details of some of the most ancient traces of life in 3D. Fossilised bacteria 1.9 billion years old were imaged in situ in a fragment of rock by Ptychographic X-rays Computed Tomography documenting details of preservation not previously observed.

Manganese: A double agent for imaging ?

Manganese is a biocompatible metal ion, with great interest for MRI and PET. The alliance between Mn2+ and a bispidine ligand leads to an unprecedented kinetic inertness, which might enable its in vivo use without any toxicity risk.


Dialogues Entre Chercheurs et Lycéens pour les Intéresser à la Construction des Savoirs (Dialogues Between Researchers and High School Students to Interest them in the Construction of Knowledge)
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