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Cover page of a volume of the journal "Chemistry-A European Journal"

CBM researchers make the cover page of a volume of the journal "Chemistry-A European Journal" during a work dedicated to the creation and rationalization of the behavior of Erbium complexes, formed with a new generation of ligands, to generate the luminescence of Er which is rarely observed in the visible range for a molecular compound. The results of this work, carried out in close collaboration with researchers from the Chemistry Section of the University of Geneva in Switzerland, open up major new perspectives in the field of higher molecular energy converters.

CBM researchers have created the first method for detecting non-covalent complexes of biomolecules by MALDI mass spectrometry based on liquid deposits

So far, the standard approach for analyzing molecule complexes in native mass spectrometry, ie by keeping the complexes intact in the instrument, used electrospray to produce the ions to be detected. MALDI ionization, however, has many advantages, such as reduced sample consumption and better tolerance to certain additives or contaminants, and its use opens new perspectives in native mass spectrometry.

CBM researchers have worked out a new generation of metallacryptates

CBM researchers, in collaboration with the team of Professor Vincent L. Pecoraro of the University of Michigan in the United States, have created a new generation of metal cryptates incorporating cations with a very particular architecture. The compounds belonging to this family combine original magnetic properties of slow relaxation with luminescence properties in the visible and in the near-infrared.
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