Claudine Kieda, Research Director Emeritus at the CBM, honored at the “Outstanding Poles in France” gala.


This action by the Polish Polskie Godlo Promocyjne Teraz Polska Foundation is awarded to Polish and Polish people permanently residing in France who have achieved great success in their work, who are recognized in their communities for initiatives and activities to promote a positive image of Poland and the Poles.

The aim is to make these people better known in France and also in Poland, where they often remain anonymous.

The title "Outstanding Polish" can be awarded in the following five categories: Business, Culture, Research / Science, Personality and "Young Poles".


New models to predict and study the effects of cosmetic compounds

Evaluating the activity of compounds on the skin and understanding their mechanisms of action have become unavoidable steps to select and develop a dermocosmetic product. Since the ban on the use of animals in the cosmetic field, many "models" have been  developed, especially with recent advances in research in skin biology and computer science.

The book "Modèles pour l'évaluation des produits cosmétiques, de la molécule à l'humain", coordinated by Catherine Grillon, Leader of the Skin Biology Group at CBM, and Marek Haftek of the Laboratory of Tissue Biology and Therapeutic Engineering de Lyon, gives an overview of all the models used to evaluate the activity of dermocosmetic compounds, with their advantages, disadvantages and limitations. This book, edited by Cosmetic Valley Editions, brings together academic and industrial researchers, all specialists in their field, ranging from in silico prediction to in vivo evaluations, to all in vitro cell models, from the simplest to the most complex.


Escape Game – Week of the brain – 11 to 15th of march 2019

During the week of the brain 2019, come and take part to an escape game  which has been designed by researchers of the group "Cibles pharmacologiques et biomarqueurs" of the CBM and of the team "Neurotoxicité et développement" of the INEM laboratory !

The participation is free but the registration is mandatory.

The game is designed for a group of 4 to 6 people. Two possibilities: either you register with your already formed team or , if you are less than four, you can join another team !

Game accessible from 8 years old, accompanied by an adult.

from 11 to 15 march at:  Maison pour la Science en Centre-Val de Loire, 5 rue du carbone, 45100 Orleans.

Partners of th event :
Collégium Sciences et techniques de l’Université d’Orleans, Université d’Orléans, Laboratoire INEM et CBM du CNRS d’Orléans, Maison pour la science, SFR FED4226, Centre Sciences.