Jean-Marc Bonmatin has just been appointed from among the 23 members of the Scientific Council of ANSES

ANSES "French National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety" (about 1300 persons and 800 experts from outside) operates in diverse fields: human food and nutrition, environmental health, occupational health, animal health and welfare, animal nutrition, veterinary medicine, and plant protection products (pesticides).

The ANSES Scientific Council is independent and composed exclusively of scientists. It guarantees the quality and independence of ANSES 'expertise. It is also responsible for overseeing the evaluation process of the Agency’s research activities, which is supported in particular by a dozen of reference laboratories spread across the country.

Arrêté paru au Journal Officiel du 23 décembre 2019

Claudine Kieda, Research Director Emeritus at the CBM, honored at the “Outstanding Poles in France” gala.


This action by the Polish Polskie Godlo Promocyjne Teraz Polska Foundation is awarded to Polish and Polish people permanently residing in France who have achieved great success in their work, who are recognized in their communities for initiatives and activities to promote a positive image of Poland and the Poles.

The aim is to make these people better known in France and also in Poland, where they often remain anonymous.

The title "Outstanding Polish" can be awarded in the following five categories: Business, Culture, Research / Science, Personality and "Young Poles".


symposium “Alzheimer’s disease”

This conference is organized and coordinated by the students who will speak on 4 major axes (sessions):

Session 1: Molecular basis of Alzheimer's pathology,

Session 2: Orthoptic and transgenic animal models,

Session 3: Markers and non-invasive diagnosis,

Session 4: Current and Future Therapeutic Approaches.

The symposium is organized with the presence of a Chairman and moderators for each session.